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Babywearing Advice

Wearing your baby close in a soft fabric sling is a wonderful, enriching experience for both parent and child. But in modern western society the knowledge of how to comfortably and safely carry infants and young children has largely been lost. Buying a sling from an online shop is a great way to start and most slings come with detailed instructions or even DVDs to show you how to use them but nothing can compare to having a hands-on, practical demonstration from an experienced babywearer.

I offer babywearing consultations on a one-to-one basis. These are tailored to fit your individual needs and experience whether you are completely new to slings and want to explore all the different options or whether you just want help using the sling you already own. Consultations can be held in your own home or a mutually convenient location at a time to suit you. An emphasis is put on babywearing safely and on achieving the optimum comfort level for both parent and child.

For expectant mothers I offer a two session consultation. The first before your baby arrives gives you a chance to explore the available options and perhaps decide on your first purchase. A second session once your little one has arrived will help you learn to safely wear your baby in your chosen sling.

When you are ready to purchase your first (or second, third, fourth….) sling then I can act as your personal shopper, helping you find the right sling at the right price.